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Thursday, December 15, 2016

True Champs and Its Characteristics

True championship, leaders, luminaries and master etc and it's qualities have many definitions and factors based on individual perspectives and justifications. My own perspectives were in the following ways:
From good sportsmanship and athletic point of views, one can draw tremendous attention and inspiration of audiences like never before. The player can make enormous efforts wholeheartedly not only for his/her country or club but, making larger audience mind joy full and happiness. Nonetheless, he/she could give its team mates more stamina and confidence through various supports to win the game. People's deep admiration and cheer up combined with individual athletic or players’ motivation for all viewers’ sources of happiness yield positive real champ.
Thus true champs, leaders, and luminaries in all fields of career path and profession often remained as folklore, myth and, as legend in a society. This is because many people both young and old of all generation look to them as true practitioners and as forever leaving image of inspiration. Their contribution, hard work and selfless dedication often epitomize as exemplary for all people in the world. On contrary, untrue and pretext champ withdrawn with self interest ingrained by hidden agendas are often short lived and never prolonging as champ in this day and age.
Meanwhile, true masters and champs of various fields originated in beginning less time and space with different dimensional talents. Some knowledge and skills they possessed were of inborn talents and other learnt with conditions and situations.  The mediocre narrow minded ordinary people may not know at advance or in certain time because, fundamentally their work and passion sometimes truly realized after century and some within year. The very rationale of every true champ in my perspective is to unite and working together with ethic, values, peace and respect for one another.
Notwithstanding, truly,deeply and madly characteristic of every champ and masters were of high definition and were often dynamic, where nobody can understand and interpret unless one were born to have certain qualities  akin to that of them.