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Thursday, January 5, 2017

On childhood nostalgic memory

Every individual in one way or other had memory to resonance in our life. Albert Einstein said, " Memory is deceptive because it is colored by today's events". Therefore, memory of every people varies from one account of lives to another. Apparently, I had a memory when I was 3-to-4-years-old with my Mom and Dad  during pilgrimage period at Gomphu Kora, ( Name of monastery ) and Chorten Kora, ( Stupa )  in Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag.

Gomphukora Temple. Photo courtesy: Mr. Choki Gyeltshen

Gomphukora Temple, Photo courtesy: Choki Gyeltshen

I cannot exactly remember the year and journeying details account from home  towards that sacred place. But I vividly remembers we were at Gomphu Kora,  receiving blessing and discourse from some important masters which during this write up, I was confirmed by mother that it was from His Eminence Khyabje Namkhai Nyingpo Rimpoche. It was huge maroon colored tents makeshift over all paddy field for blessing and religious ceremonial venue. The people camped in and around monastery and making their own logistic from tarpaulin with  various colors. They came with all bedding and cooking utensils and I remembers that was huge gatherings. As child, I didn't bother listening and praying at ceremonial venue as it I was thinking of child patio ground for playing and most of the time, I was with mom hanging and sitting on her lap and sometimes looking onto  other devotees.  I also flash back clearly the big rivers sounding as that of roaring dragons. And that presently is known as Drangme Chhu, ( name of the river ) flowing beside Gomphu Kora Ney towards Trashigang Chazam side. ( Name of the district and bridge ).
Devotees gathering during Festival. Photo courtesy: Mr. Choki Gyeltshen.

Perhaps I also recalled brown sparkling cliff with pebbles stuck onto each other as it like mosaic formation hanging above Drangmechu. That was observed When I walked out of tent and reaches at edges of paddy fields.  At one point I saw it as pleasure and other as frightening scene; looking through that river beneath cliff. On one account, I clearly remembered, we were travelling to Chorten Kora by DCM or Truck, cannot remembered exactly. Sitting on mother lap and saw there were many passengers on the vehicle, where some had sat on floor and some standing to adjust till Chorten Kora. Now I rewind a memory that my late father was on standing group in the vehicle and passengers were shouting one another to make their own comfortable seat. The atmosphere inside the vehicle floor was noisy and I was at mother lap as she had got bit comfortable seat where she could sat down and provided comfort seat for me as child. And I recapitulates clearly at this moment  like a dream that my father look each time to and fro to me and my mother which I now realized he had unconditional love and care towards us.
Chorten Kora, Photo courtesy:Mr. Choki Gyeltshen

Despite harsh and adventurous travelling, we reached Chorten Kora. Once I entered through stone door gate toward inner side where actual Chorten ( Stupa ) stands; felt amazing height and size hanging onto sky with white reflection. I saw both Chorten and its surround fencing stone walls were all white.   I also saw small temple being built beside this stupa. Large gathering of crowds, roaring rivers with monster cliff,  adventurous journey -seeing all trees movement along road and sawing gorgeous shiny Chorten Kora were my vivid memory normally haunted whenever travelling along this road from Gomphu Kora to Trashiyangtse. 
Now every time I got opportunity to visit Trashi yangtse especially during official tour, at least make a point to visit these places whenever I get time.  So, I paid visit to these sacred places to get blessing and reverberate memory of my late father and the time we family spent together. Even now travelling through this road and its scenic memories kept me illusion of every compounded existence and made me to realized the impermanence of everything.

Ney Dechenphodrang

The weather was clear and morning sun rays looming over Trashiyangtse town. It was 15 day of 9 months in Bhutanese calender and October 16th, 2016 was the day we made short trip to this place. Some people carving stone beside house for construction and few of them just woken and bathing early sun at veranda together with children. Students passes by pedestrian path to, and fro towards respective schools. Booming golden rice field in front of  Belling household with kitchen garden reverberates food security importance.
It was an hour drive from Yangtse town till Womina Prymary School, which is located under Bumdelling gewog. Then one can walk through traditional foot path mostly along the rice field and some time through thick undulating vegetative path. Then you will find three cluster settlements every after 15 to 20 minutes walk. Then approach  suspension bridge and would have to walk little bit upward way and there, one can find a sign board with almost fainted red background with yellow letter indicating clear arrow to this sacred place.
Then after reaching onward to cave, you will hear roaring sound of rivers. There one can see wonderful structure of three storied temple like hanging from cliff looking over rivers, long cypress trees  and other side of vales and mountains. Before step to temple  gate, one should cross small wooden shingle  bridge.
According to care taker, Guru Rimpoche ( Padmasambhava) meditated there for one year and kept body print and many earth treasure that we can get blessed and this was cleary seen at first storey temple. One can also see holy water amazingly come from giant underneath rock beside the temple. Caretaker said, " Traditionally it holds one stored temple built by local people and in 2008, the government built as 3 stored temple."  He says that in the past, very few people used to visit and now frequency and number of people visiting this place has increased. A 5 to 10 minutes walk  away from this sacred place would reached the temple called Zangdo Pelri graciously holding Guru Nangsi Zilnoen statues. But there are also many sacred sites blessed by the 8th century master Padmasambhava along those majestic vales and mountains where one have to walk many hours from Ney Dechen Phodrang accodring to care taker. "But many pilgrimage failed to visit this Neys ( sacred sites) due to lack of time and proper guides," said care taker.
My first-hand true feeling and experiences to this sacred site.
I was bit tired, heated up with some dried sweats clinging on face and moment I heard roaring sound of rivers made me  bit scary  and awful. Then I walked little further and reached plane carved stone on top of this river, found temple at glance fuelling peace on my mind. Then looking again toward river  alongside retaining walls and thick dark vegetation on left hand side gave me frightening,  sense of tingling and numbness bodily experiences. But instantly I realized that deadly evil spirits might have  once heavily inhabited there destroying and giving negative barrier onto Buddha Dharma and therefore, Ugyen Maha Guru ( Padmasambhava) came here and subdued eventually.  This particular thinking at this moment came to my mind because I heard from some learned master during teaching that many evil spirits inhabited in Himalayan region in the past  and Padmasambhava came over,  subdued all to protect and spread Buddha Dharma  for the benefit of all sentient beings. With that instant notion, I suddenly got rid of  fierceness and did visit all 3 stored temple and Zangdopelri  Ney with full joys and happiness.  Then I was praying at last moment to get another opportunity  for blessing and then peacefully returned  with my friends to Trashiyangtse.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

True Champs and Its Characteristics

True championship, leaders, luminaries and master etc and it's qualities have many definitions and factors based on individual perspectives and justifications. My own perspectives were in the following ways:
From good sportsmanship and athletic point of views, one can draw tremendous attention and inspiration of audiences like never before. The player can make enormous efforts wholeheartedly not only for his/her country or club but, making larger audience mind joy full and happiness. Nonetheless, he/she could give its team mates more stamina and confidence through various supports to win the game. People's deep admiration and cheer up combined with individual athletic or players’ motivation for all viewers’ sources of happiness yield positive real champ.
Thus true champs, leaders, and luminaries in all fields of career path and profession often remained as folklore, myth and, as legend in a society. This is because many people both young and old of all generation look to them as true practitioners and as forever leaving image of inspiration. Their contribution, hard work and selfless dedication often epitomize as exemplary for all people in the world. On contrary, untrue and pretext champ withdrawn with self interest ingrained by hidden agendas are often short lived and never prolonging as champ in this day and age.
Meanwhile, true masters and champs of various fields originated in beginning less time and space with different dimensional talents. Some knowledge and skills they possessed were of inborn talents and other learnt with conditions and situations.  The mediocre narrow minded ordinary people may not know at advance or in certain time because, fundamentally their work and passion sometimes truly realized after century and some within year. The very rationale of every true champ in my perspective is to unite and working together with ethic, values, peace and respect for one another.
Notwithstanding, truly,deeply and madly characteristic of every champ and masters were of high definition and were often dynamic, where nobody can understand and interpret unless one were born to have certain qualities  akin to that of them.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Everything happened shall have their own destiny

My Parental history had culture of owning many cattle and oxen according to elders. My childhood days too was with mother looking after cattle at jungle hut until I enrolled to school. My mom has given birth of four, out of which two survived and two were not. That is why we always face labor shortage and normally burdened with many works. So I was finally enrolled to school by my father who inspired me always and longing to learn from day one. My father unfortunately passed away when I was class II keeping many words  ( Khachem) to uncle and neighboring elders who surrounded him during  last minutes i.e. '' Let my son continue  his education and guide him to become better human being with values and you should take care of my son and enroll him learning until he succeed,'' father said to one of my uncle  who is teacher during that time and even he doesn't exist today because of impermanent nature of life.  With this note he passed away peacefully.
So mother and sister had huge responsibility to take care of household chores, cattle and many unfinished business to sustain our family. One day, my mother didn't allow me to continue my  education for almost three months because I have to accompany her to look after cattle.  With heavy heart, I agreed to be with her and during that time; many messages from Dzongkha Lopen( National language subject teacher) to my mom saying, '' innumerable words that I should by any means continue my education''. At one point, my mom went to Dzongskha Lopoen house with palang of ara( container of alcohol) and other  thing to convinced  him that I should discontinue my education by  giving many justifications. However, Dzongkha Lopoen didn't accepted the thing my mom wanted to go by and instead she was given various advises and lectures on importance of education and all.  So, she painstakingly agreed with my Dzongkha Lopoen decision and fortunately I  continued my education almost after three months.
Even then, I supported my mother like going straight to home after school to guard maize fields while she's back journeying with cattle to home and carrying essential food items to jungle hut during weekend. My journey to education up until now is  owing to  many credits and gratitude to Dzongkha Lopoen Tshering, mother and sister for sacrificing their time and helping me in many ways and of course to My King and Country for  providing free education.
I still had much to achieve and realized my full potential based on father's  final messages and my interested destination; if ever I do not encounter unforeseen misfortune and other unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, I believe everyone had their own story and incident to share and making known to interested and lovable readers and writers seem absolute significant.

Health should be the number one priority for all

As saying goes, ''health is wealth'' and therefore, health can contribute many ways in building positive impact on our body, speech and mind. As good health obviously improves one's fitness and well being both physically and mentally. One can pursue his or her missions or aspiration free from worries and pessimism without any doubt or ambivalence, if one is healthy and posses unflinching determination.
In this competitive contemporary world, many things done and achieved amid number of people caught up with various kinds of diseases which they only realized at last moment-by then too late to recover or some vanished in regrettable ways. That is way building one's health together with any businesses in our life proves pivotal.
In this interconnected world of science and technology with advance internet connection, one can browse many health and fitness related information at one go, and following and practicing regularly seems essential.  Advance health fitness activities practicing with proper exercising or jogging  could safe your time and money at later stage of your life.
Google the information soon you entangle with sign and symptoms of anything including diseases and applying proper remedies before visiting hospital at least  benefits a  lot by saving your precious time and further this could also reduce other patient queuing time to meet doctors.
Basically one should also remember what we eat, drinks, act and  thinks; whether going in  proper way especially related to health and fitness scenario. Always complete one's business with proper research and actions accounted a lot if we really were in serious about it.
But on contrary, like procrastination is the theft of time and never walk the talk with hypocrisy  remained in your tips of health advancement plan and programs means, you were the failure and looser towards the end.

Meanwhile, health and fitness is very important and doing and practicing regularly with rightful procedure is vital and is not that difficult or unfathomable like that of rocket science or quantum physics. Nonetheless, I urged everyone to avoid torpor or indolent life style and ephemeral exercises and, instead cultivate myriad of healthy habits principle.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lingzhi,a place of breathtaking scenery

Lingzhi Dungkhag (Sub district) under Thimphu Dzongkhag
A beautiful views of great vales and mountain

A view of Jhomolhari and part of Jichudrakey mountain
(Thimphu district) has Soe and Naro geog ( Soe & Naro block). There are several ways to connect it like one through Paro Gumitsawa (name of place) and the other Dodeydra (place name) and etc. The one travelling through Paro Gumitsawa has to cross Shingkap (place name) and Thongthangkha (place name) to reach Soe and then to Lingzhi. Many people make night halt at Thongthangkha to reach Soe geog but some halt at Shingkap. Meanwhile, some people make it through Dodeydra way to reach Lingzhi from Naro geog.

One will have to follow constant Pachu bank (river name) till Soe to Jomolhari base (peak name) if going through Paro Gumitsawa.  Initial journey will be encountered with cool broad leave forest to alpine meadows to tree line. Several wooden frame bridges with countless crossing of same pachu river with lofty vales and mountain scenery are common feature one will enjoy. Just after crossing Soe geog, one can view Jomolhari Mountain and Jichudrakey on other side enveloped with various other mountains.

Lingzhi is moorland with medicinal and aromatic plants with fresh water stream. Smooth fine meandering Punakha Mochu (river name) river source, beautiful mountain ranges, distinct colorful flower pattern and pristine environment makes perfect epitome of heavenly landscape. One may see highlanders blue tarpaulin roofing hut in mountain base and some in middle ridges rearing Yaks (animal name) especially during the month of August and September.  One will fully enjoy the scenic beauty and will remain as unforgettable memories in your life, if in case weather is clear and sunny during times of your visit. Many tourists pay visits especially in snow men trek crossing Lingzhi-Laya or Laya- (place name) Lingzhi crossing countless vales and mountains.
Base of Jichudrakey mountain clinging ice
The inhabitants in this place earn their living through cordycep ( Cordycep sinensis) sale,  luggage transportation through mule,mare,stallion and selling of cheese and butter. They normally practice seasonal migration with yaks and other domestic animals including social animal dog, originated of Tibetan mastiff. This traditional precious practice is still alive and is mainly in low lying areas during winter and high altitude areas during summer in search of pasture and to be acquaintance with the adaptation.
Source of Punakha Mochu river from the base of Jichudrakey

Early morning hour scene of Jomolhari mountain

 As will be the lifetime window of opportunity to pay visit and received its blessing of scenic beauty, if one and all make it in form of excursion, official or personal trip at any time. The place will have many things to offer and comfort based on individual perception and interpretation. The ultimate impact I received during my visit was in many forms like peace of mind, wellbeing and complete nature enjoyment satisfaction. High rays of hope that all those visitors will have excellent and memorable trip with full swing joys and happiness in many ways.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Glimpse of 14th Congress of the International Society for Ethno-biology

This year theme as One Earth for All; Regenerating Bio-cultural Ecosystem Resilience
I have participated for the first time the 14th Congress of the International Society of Ethobiology in Bumthang-Bhutan from 1st to 7th   June 2014. This ISE concept and its rationale was very new and fresh eye opening for me which I hadn’t known if I weren’t participated there. It was most amazing experiences and knowledge foundation not only for me but all Bhutanese participants who had participated for the first time.So accordingly I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences obtained through this participation were in the following ways:

Posters and artifact exhibition

The ISE concept was born from the first International Congress of Ethnobiology in Belam, Brazil during the July 19-24, 1988, organized by Dr.Darrell Posey. The first documents was adopted “Declaration of Berlem”. The ISE have maintained three core programs: The Global Coalition for biocultural Diversity, the Ethics Program, and the Darrell Posey Fellowship for Ethnoecology and Traditional resources rights. (Source: ISE Website) 

My perception on ISE Congress
This will play a pivotal role in providing platform and opportunity to all the researchers, scientific communities, academicians, conservationists, ecologists,…and …..So forth particularly working with natural resources and communities to share their knowledge’s and findings. It will also impart one’s research skills and methodologies especially to beginners through various presentations and questions answers sessions.

Yak dance peformance by Merak community

 Meanwhile, its gathering and sharing will encourage and boost ones unique cultures, indigenous communities’ knowledge and associated biological resources through culture and knowledge exchange program. Furthermore it creates new research topic and scientific discovery while various scholars, researchers and etc stimulate ways and directions for future collaboration and researches owing to their deeper interested field. Hence it will also recognize the intellectual property right and their freedom of indigenous communities’ prior utilization and conservation of natural resources.

Tawanese exhibition

This forum will also know individual country’s culture, identity, sovereignty and elegant through interaction and showcasing of fold songs and stories.