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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Book Review

Title: Light in the Darkness
Author: Norbu Jamtsho
Copyright year, 2015 Norbu Jamtsho. All rights reserved.
Published by Mr. Letho, CEO, Druk Satair Corporation Ltd, Samdrup Jongkhar Bhutan.
Cover photo copyright @ 2015. Letho
Edited by Ashley Lenzen
Copy-editing by Mike Lenzen
Cover design by Mike Lenzen

The kind of book is a work of fiction. The subject matter of this book is how we encounter difficulties, suffering and learned to experience or to overcome those challenges through one’s sheer hard work and determination.  Author talks about concerning to religion, culture, folktale, myth and legend and narrated true stories of his childhood and schooling days.
The sole reason why he had come out with this book is to advocate among all readers that nothing is impossible and everything can be possible if one stick onto  commitment and perseverance with full optimism. He wanted to share messages to the world especially the youth that if someone does keep core humanity value like kindness, honesty and put real hard work and determination with faithfulness- lead onto path of success and will serve as exemplary to everyone.
The other rationale author wants to take us though is bitter experience of family drama to schooling challenges to parental caring responsibilities to his younger brothers and sisters. Author also expressed his heartfelt gratitude and acknowledgement to all kind and generous people who supported both financially and morally during time of needs. So, this work of honest and generous sharing also epitomes home take messages that everyone should at all never forget those people who supported and backed up for leading into  success and prosperous lives.
Perhaps it talks about precious human lives, essence of sharing and support cultures onto basic human need i.e. food, shelter and clothing. Author also touched upon importance of education as enlightens from darkness and he expressed immense gratitude to our great His Majesty the  5th King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck for awarding merit certificate which really further inspire and motivates one and all  to study and success.
The author style or technique of writing is on the basis of narrative non-fiction using poetic mood. In this way it really catches clarity, conscience and cohesion of readers so as to communicate/inspire those following suites. All quotes cited here in this book chapter are educational based quoted by great philosophers.

The nutshell of this book is there are impermanent of all thing and karmic nature based on cause and effect will take us toll.  Focus on hard work and determination with caring society is key note for light in the darkness.

Book reviewer note: Please help or support him by buying this book and pass the message onto book enthusiast and lovers.

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