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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lingzhi,a place of breathtaking scenery

Lingzhi Dungkhag (Sub district) under Thimphu Dzongkhag
A beautiful views of great vales and mountain

A view of Jhomolhari and part of Jichudrakey mountain
(Thimphu district) has Soe and Naro geog ( Soe & Naro block). There are several ways to connect it like one through Paro Gumitsawa (name of place) and the other Dodeydra (place name) and etc. The one travelling through Paro Gumitsawa has to cross Shingkap (place name) and Thongthangkha (place name) to reach Soe and then to Lingzhi. Many people make night halt at Thongthangkha to reach Soe geog but some halt at Shingkap. Meanwhile, some people make it through Dodeydra way to reach Lingzhi from Naro geog.

One will have to follow constant Pachu bank (river name) till Soe to Jomolhari base (peak name) if going through Paro Gumitsawa.  Initial journey will be encountered with cool broad leave forest to alpine meadows to tree line. Several wooden frame bridges with countless crossing of same pachu river with lofty vales and mountain scenery are common feature one will enjoy. Just after crossing Soe geog, one can view Jomolhari Mountain and Jichudrakey on other side enveloped with various other mountains.

Lingzhi is moorland with medicinal and aromatic plants with fresh water stream. Smooth fine meandering Punakha Mochu (river name) river source, beautiful mountain ranges, distinct colorful flower pattern and pristine environment makes perfect epitome of heavenly landscape. One may see highlanders blue tarpaulin roofing hut in mountain base and some in middle ridges rearing Yaks (animal name) especially during the month of August and September.  One will fully enjoy the scenic beauty and will remain as unforgettable memories in your life, if in case weather is clear and sunny during times of your visit. Many tourists pay visits especially in snow men trek crossing Lingzhi-Laya or Laya- (place name) Lingzhi crossing countless vales and mountains.
Base of Jichudrakey mountain clinging ice
The inhabitants in this place earn their living through cordycep ( Cordycep sinensis) sale,  luggage transportation through mule,mare,stallion and selling of cheese and butter. They normally practice seasonal migration with yaks and other domestic animals including social animal dog, originated of Tibetan mastiff. This traditional precious practice is still alive and is mainly in low lying areas during winter and high altitude areas during summer in search of pasture and to be acquaintance with the adaptation.
Source of Punakha Mochu river from the base of Jichudrakey

Early morning hour scene of Jomolhari mountain

 As will be the lifetime window of opportunity to pay visit and received its blessing of scenic beauty, if one and all make it in form of excursion, official or personal trip at any time. The place will have many things to offer and comfort based on individual perception and interpretation. The ultimate impact I received during my visit was in many forms like peace of mind, wellbeing and complete nature enjoyment satisfaction. High rays of hope that all those visitors will have excellent and memorable trip with full swing joys and happiness in many ways.


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  2. Nice Introduction to Lingzhi, Thanks. Never been to Lingzhi, hope I will make by any means there. Remaining hopeful :)