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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Everything happened shall have their own destiny

My Parental history had culture of owning many cattle and oxen according to elders. My childhood days too was with mother looking after cattle at jungle hut until I enrolled to school. My mom has given birth of four, out of which two survived and two were not. That is why we always face labor shortage and normally burdened with many works. So I was finally enrolled to school by my father who inspired me always and longing to learn from day one. My father unfortunately passed away when I was class II keeping many words  ( Khachem) to uncle and neighboring elders who surrounded him during  last minutes i.e. '' Let my son continue  his education and guide him to become better human being with values and you should take care of my son and enroll him learning until he succeed,'' father said to one of my uncle  who is teacher during that time and even he doesn't exist today because of impermanent nature of life.  With this note he passed away peacefully.
So mother and sister had huge responsibility to take care of household chores, cattle and many unfinished business to sustain our family. One day, my mother didn't allow me to continue my  education for almost three months because I have to accompany her to look after cattle.  With heavy heart, I agreed to be with her and during that time; many messages from Dzongkha Lopen( National language subject teacher) to my mom saying, '' innumerable words that I should by any means continue my education''. At one point, my mom went to Dzongskha Lopoen house with palang of ara( container of alcohol) and other  thing to convinced  him that I should discontinue my education by  giving many justifications. However, Dzongkha Lopoen didn't accepted the thing my mom wanted to go by and instead she was given various advises and lectures on importance of education and all.  So, she painstakingly agreed with my Dzongkha Lopoen decision and fortunately I  continued my education almost after three months.
Even then, I supported my mother like going straight to home after school to guard maize fields while she's back journeying with cattle to home and carrying essential food items to jungle hut during weekend. My journey to education up until now is  owing to  many credits and gratitude to Dzongkha Lopoen Tshering, mother and sister for sacrificing their time and helping me in many ways and of course to My King and Country for  providing free education.
I still had much to achieve and realized my full potential based on father's  final messages and my interested destination; if ever I do not encounter unforeseen misfortune and other unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, I believe everyone had their own story and incident to share and making known to interested and lovable readers and writers seem absolute significant.

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  1. Wang, you have come across all those hardship and now you seem a strong man. Moreover, you got the education and job as well. Success is all you got till now.