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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Idea About Love

The word "love" consists of four letters which sounds soothing enough to give peace and harmony to people. Different people have different ideas about love which leads to happiness or sadness depending on their individual  understanding. For enlightened people, love is an instrument for providing a state of joy and happiness in the hearts of people. These kind hearted people have good thought towards others and benefit others as much as they can.

However, the concept  of love is frequently misunderstood by the yound and innocent people of today's generation. For them love is a sea of happiness to derive self benefit and self - fullfillment of hopes. That is why love remains an illusion and fleeting in nature. Love which is meant to provide happiness might end up with strife and pain if the essence of love is not understood in its right perspective.

Love doesn't happen by itself. Love has yo be earned. To earn love, you will have to love others. For maintaining a long term relationship with someone, you cannot seek love you do while sucking a fruit juice. Everyone should learn to help each other and share values together to maintain that spirit of good friendship.

Love is indeed, a mystery and misture of everything. How it is achieved depends on how you understand it.