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Monday, June 17, 2013

Longing to repay a be -loved Father

Clear and  crisp was the sky that winter afternoon,
        I remember you sing a song beautifully,
You came by with herd of cattle in a cowshed ,
But the next morn as I played marble in the patio,
With your bamboo flute beside you lay motionless,
       No song came off from you or the flute.

While mother hugged and took me to other side from you,
        Pale faced I looked where you lay motionlessly,
               At six you left me very depressed;
               Burning is my mind to serve you,
               But it is not possible with you gone,
      This thought pains and pierces the core of my heart.

          With you gone chirping of birds stop too;  
           Sorrowful I become seeing other's fathers,
              Being orphan is sad and unlucky,
I conceal myself behind the thicket shading tears piteously.

             The past memories come flooding back,
              Your sincere advices and genuine care,
          The warm hugs whilst dressing every me every morn,
              Like calf sucking the  nourishing milk.

Oh, father! I cannot repay all those good deeds tinged with love,
               But I do pray everyday of my life,
In the belief that it will contribute to resting your soul in peace;
              Also in the belief that we get to be born again together,
           So that i get an opportunity to repay all your generous love.


  1. Wang, you should write poems more often.
    Really nice :)